Infinity Angel -> Infinity Games 2.0

Beyond the first game, Infinity Angel game, we are going to rebrand as Infinity Games 2.0. As a multi-game platform, Infinity Games plans to expand the ecosystem and maximize the utility of the $ING token by launching various games as well as Infinity Angel. Angel BOX, Angel NFTs, Costume BOX, Costume NFTs, Minion BOX, and Minion NFTs, which were limited to the Infinity Angel game, will eventually be swapped to the Infinity Games Node through additional $ING tokens or through a swap with $ISG. $ING and $ISG tokens can also be made available for purchase of Infinity Games NODE. The various uses and incineration models of $ING can be found in the Tokenomics section at the bottom of the white paper. Thank you to all of you and community participants for coming to Infinity Games 2.0.

In Infinity Games 2.0, which will be the mecca of various games, I would like to briefly explain the future functions and features that we need to implement.

First, it enhances the utility of $ING.

$ING will be strengthened in terms of utility so that it can be used in various games beyond old models such as Game-fi, which was only used in Infinity Angel. In addition, $ING is a governance token for all games, and aims to form a perfect ecosystem by combining Infinity Games NODE purchase, NFT transaction, governance function, and staking function.

Second, it allows various game NFTs to be traded in one NFT Marketplace.

The paid currency used in the NFT Marketplace is $ING and $ISG, and most of the transaction fee used in the NFT Marketplace will be returned to NODE buyers and NODE holders as compensation. The fact that various games and various chains gather in one NFT Marketplace will have a tremendous impact on the influx of new users as well as regular users.

Thirdly, users can decide the choice of new games through the Governance function.

For a healthy community and stable ecosystem, the Infinity Games team will completely leave the decision-making power for game selection to general holders and community contributors. Users' decisions must be mutually respected. Running a platform by the community, for the community is our third goal.

Fourth, $ISG, $ING, NFTs of ZK-Rollup method will be implemented.

$ISG and $ING to be used within the new ecosystem will be implemented as a ZK-Rollup method, and will be a stablecoin that avoids collateral loans to avoid accidents like Luna and FTT in the past. Leverage through $ISG is possible due to single staking and liquidity supply with $ING, but 3x3 staking, mortgage lending, and pegging with other stablecoins will not be allowed. As a result, we plan to increase the stability of $ISG so that it can be used only within the ecosystem more safely.

Cryptocurrency and NFT

The Basics about Cryptocurrency : Cryptocurrency comes under many names. You have probably read about some of the most popular types of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. Cryptocurrencies are increasingly popular alternatives for online payments. Before converting real dollars, euros, pounds, or other traditional currencies into ₿ (the symbol for Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency), you should understand what cryptocurrencies are, what the risks are in using cryptocurrencies, and how to protect your investment.
What is cryptocurrency? A cryptocurrency is a digital currency, which is an alternative form of payment created using encryption algorithms. The use of encryption technologies means that cryptocurrencies function both as a currency and as a virtual accounting system. To use cryptocurrencies, you need a cryptocurrency wallet. These wallets can be software that is a cloud-based service or is stored on your computer or on your mobile device. The wallets are the tool through which you store your encryption keys that confirm your identity and link to your cryptocurrency.
NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) : NFTs are a relatively new type of digital asset that are a popular topic of conversation in the blockchain world today. Unlike fungible tokens, like bitcoin and ethereum, where one token is indistinguishable from another, NFTs are designed to represent ownership of a digital asset that is unique and scarce.
With the overall popularity of video games and the idea that NFTs could replace the in-game virtual items, many video game developers started to look at this new opportunity to attract game players around the idea of real ownership of their virtual assets. Furthermore, as a reaction to the trending market, many protocol chains dedicated hundreds of millions of dollars of investment to NFTs and video games.
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